Easy Knotted Hairclip


This is the simplest little hairclip but so so cute! (Ever since I cut my hair shorter, I’ve been obsessed with sweet little clips.) A simple knot in the ribbon adds interest to an otherwise basic clip. Velvet ribbon makes it elegant and the gold dotted ribbon is extra special!


60mm alligator hairclips
1/4″ wide strong double sided tape
8 inches velvet ribbon per clip
Fray Check
Optional: rhinestones, buttons, embellishments


Loosely tie a knot in the velvet ribbon slightly off center. You should have approximately 3.5″ of ribbon to the left and 2.25″ to the right. Apply Fray Check to the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying.


Starting on the inner edge, run double sided tape over the hairclip and continue to wrap around the full length-stopping at the two prongs on the back. Peel off the backing.

Beginning with the longer side before the knot, press and smooth down the velvet ribbon-starting on the inside edge again with the hairclip. The knot should end up being placed just before the end of the hairclip that curves up, and then the remaining 2.25” wrap around the remaining taped area.

You may choose to add a rhinestone or other embellishment just next to the knot to add a little sparkle, but these clips also look wonderful simple and unadorned.


PicMonkey Photo

See how cute? I’m a huge fan of wearing two at a time. Double the cuteness, right? And the velvet texture of the ribbon is so luxurious. What color will you make?








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