Fabric Covered Memo Board

We just love making these cute memo boards! Such a perfect place to display photos, notes, reminders, anything you might need. Better than a cork board because you don’t get holes in all your lovely photos! And now, during our canvas sale (lasts through March 7), is a great time to pick up the supplies. It’s a super fun and easy project that you can customize to exactly your tastes. Change up the size, fabric, ribbon, and embellishments to make it your own!

fabric memo board

Fabric Covered Memo Board

Alternate size in (parentheses)

16″x20″ stretched canvas (14″x18″)
2/3 yard fabric (fat quarter)
6 yards ribbon (4 yards)
decorative brads or buttons
staple gun
optional: batting

1. Fabric should have at least a 2” clearance to wrap the canvas board.
2. Lay on top of canvas board face down wrong side of fabric.
3. Bring both fabric up over the sides and tuck underneath or use a staple gun to secure. Fold the corners as though wrapping a box.
4. If using batting sheet for a puffy look apply first then lay fabric on top.

Adding ribbon:
Ribbon is applied like a basket weave pattern. Start at one corner and work across to the opposite corner. Space the ribbon equally apart — approx. 5-1/2″ for 16”x20” board. Spacing will vary on other size canvas boards. Cut the ribbon after attaching it to the board. Helpful Hint: Use thumbtacks to temporarily secure ribbon and adjust for appropriate spacing before stapling,
Secure to backside of the canvas board using staple gun. Repeat the same procedure with the opposite corner.
Finish by punching a little hole with a sharp awl in canvas and insert brads at the intersections of the ribbon for the criss-cross board or different areas on the ribbon on the memo board. Dab a little glue on top of brad to add embellishment.