Tissue Paper Pom Pom


One of our favorite party decorations is tissue paper poms poms (along with the ever popular banners). They’re so easy to make in whatever color you need to match your party theme or decor and a great way to make a simple space look festive. Try them clustered in corners or hanging at varying heights from the ceiling. Since there are a lot of different techniques to make these fun pom poms, we thought it was time to show you our preferred method. This makes a medium sized pom, using only three sheets of tissue paper.


1. Materials: 3 sheets tissue paper, pipe cleaner, scissors 2. Lay out three sheets of tissue flat 3. Fold tissue in half 4. Accordion pleat tissue paper lengthwise 5. Cinch pleated tissue in the middle with a pipe cleaner 6. Trim off ends in a rounded, petal shape 7. Fan out tissue paper 8. Pull each layer of tissue towards the center 9. Fluff up into a nice round pom pom


Once you master this basic pom pom, you can scale it up or down, play with multiple colors (check out our striped Seahawks pom poms for inspiration), or even spray paint them a custom color if you can’t find just the right shade of tissue paper. To make a larger version, use 10 sheets of paper and skip step #3 where you fold the tissue in half. To make smaller versions, cut your sheets of tissue smaller before beginning the folding process. Using a spray paint to color a pom pom will not result in a solid colored pom but instead creates a really beautiful ombre effect with the outer “petals” a more intense color, fading to white at the center.





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