Homestate Shaped Corkboard


We’ve seen some really cool ideas for cutting shaped corkboards on Pinterest and we thought it would be so cute to make one to show some Washington pride! Of course you could make this in any shape you like but how sweet would this be for a college student going to school out of state? Functional for notes and also a little reminder of home.



After we made this I realized we hadn’t gotten any pictures to illustrate how to make it (do you ever get so excited to do a project all other things fly out of your head? yeah? us too!) so I remade a mini version to show you all. You really can make this whatever size you like!

All you need is:
corkboard backed with foamcore
template of shape to cut
permanent marker
cutting blade

I also used scissors to precut my template and some pushpins to hold the template on the corkboared while I traced around it, but they didn’t make it into the picture. The size of corkboard you need will be determined by your desired finished size. We carry a foamcore-backed corkboard that is 20×30″ so we used that size and made our template as big as would fit. On the mini version I just used a scrap that was about 4×5″.


To create your template, either draw or print the image at the size you have chosen. If you choose to print your image and it is larger than standard printer paper, either have it printed at a printshop like Kinko’s or print it tiled on your home computer and tape the pieces together. Cut out the image with scissors and attach it to the corkboard with pushpins. Trace around the outside with a permanent marker. Try to make your line thick and even but you can always touch it up after you do your cutting.


Remove the template and cut around the outside of the drawn line, right at the edge. Ideally, you do not want to cut off much of your black line since that helps it stand out nicely against your wall. Usually you will need to go over a section of line a few times with your blade to cut through the thickness of corkboard and foamcore. (Please don’t cut on a nice wood surface like your dining room table without a cutting mat below. I just used our wood counter for photo-taking purposes, but when I actually cut I always use a self healing mat.)




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