Totally Tutu

Here at the craft store, we are totally obsessed with tutus! They’re fun for any occasion, and any age (we’ve even seen some made for dogs! woah!) so get your supplies together and get crafting!


You can choose to use all one color tulle or mix up several fun colors. Similar shades look nice but adding a contrasting color can be bold and fun too. For a small child, toddler, or infant you may need less tulle but for a teen or adult we recommend at least 3 or 4 rolls of 25 yards each (more if you want it extra full or long). Use at least 1 inch wide elastic as narrower elastic may dig into the waist and be uncomfortable.

To begin, measure and cut elastic to fit your waist so it fits snugly where you plan to wear your tutu. Overlap cut ends of the elastic about an inch and hand stitch to secure. This part doesn’t have to be pretty since it will all be covered by tulle in the finished tutu. Just make sure it will hold! Cut your tulle into strips twice as long as you want your finished tutu to be.


Take a piece of tulle and tie it onto the elastic. The neatest knot is a lark’s head knot (just learned the name of this super simple knot I use all the time!) which is shown below. Simply fold your length of tulle in half and place it behind the elastic. Bring the ends around to the front and slip them through the loop of tulle. Pull ends of tulle until the knot is secure against the elastic and adjust as needed.


Continue tying knots in this manner until your tutu is full enough to your liking. A shorter tutu will look fuller with less tulle but a long one will needs lots and lots of pieces if you want it big and fluffy. Make it just how YOU like it!


Helpful Hints: Try slipping the elastic over something like a box or chair that will hold it taut while still allowing you to easily tie pieces of tulle on. For this one I used a basket that was just the right size. Sometimes craft projects seem like they require an extra pair of hands just to hold everything but this one can totally be done without growing an extra pair!


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