Football Cupcake Toppers


We’ve already had some people in the store asking for ideas for dressing up cupcakes for their party on Sunday so we whipped up these fun football and 12th man cupcake toppers, as well as some cupcake wraps in Seahawks colors.


They simply could not be easier. For the football toppers, we cut mini football shapes out of this awesome football textured scrapbooking paper at our die cut center (and if you’ve never die cut before, our helpful staff will show you what to do!). We also went over the stitch lines on the die cut with a white pen to make them pop more and then glued a toothpick or mini dowel to the back. When gluing, hold the pieces together with a little piece of masking tape


The 12th man toppers used a combination of punches and die cuts. Cut the 12 using our 1.25″ Block letters at the die cut center and then use a 1 3/4″ circle punch and a larger starburst punch for the circles. Layer the pieces how you want and glue your toothpick or mini dowel on the back just as you did with the football toppers.

We also cut some super simple cupcake wraps out of Seahawks colored cardstock, in this case a cute dotty paper. These are incredibly easy to make using die J151 and don’t even require glue to put together. Whether you’re baking your own cupcakes or dressing up store bought ones, don’t forget these fun details to make your party complete!



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