“GO HAWKS” Banner

Banners are our favorite decor for every occasion so we just had to make one to celebrate the Seahawks! We’re pretty sure you’re going to want one of these if you’re throwing a party this Sunday, so we whipped a little tutorial. Our amazing die cut center makes all the cutting this project requires fast and easy so come in and take advantage of this great resource!


All you’ll need for this fun banner is three sheets each of blue and green 12×12 cardstock, one sheet silver or white paper, your choice of ribbon or twine, and glue. We kept it simple with ours, but there are so many fun options. Try glitter, dots, whatever you like!


Once you select and purchase your paper, head over to our die cut center. If you’ve never die cut before, don’t worry! Our helpful staff will teach you everything you need to know.

For this banner, you will use J152, #140, and the 3″ Happy Day letters. Cut four pennant shapes of each color (you can fit two on each page), eight silver or white stars, and letters to spell out “GO HAWKS”.


Because you will have a blank pennant between “GO” and “HAWKS”, the “O” and “H” should actually be the same color, but otherwise alternate colors for each letter.


Glue your stars onto the pennants and the letters onto the stars. To put the banner together, you can choose to tie a bow or knot between each pennant, or simply string it together with one long piece of ribbon or twine. Hang in a window or above a buffet table and your party guests will know you have the most team spirit!


And since we know that you’re busy, we made up some kits so you can skip the die-cutting! All the pieces are included, but you’ll need some adhesive and you get to choose the ribbon or twine you like best to string them all together.




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